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Saskatchewan farmers are a breed apart. Farms here are twice the national average in acreage. The investment in equipment and inputs is higher and so are the risks. Therefore, it is important to acquire agriculture insurance, since the right plan can be fitted to your personal requirements to help cover any and all exposures that your farm – your business – may face. As a farmers’ insurance provider of choice Trustmark has been helping farmers in Melville and area protect what matters most for over 35 years. We know farmers better to help fit these special kinds of business owners with protection plans that work. After all, farming is hard enough work without having to think about insurance too.

We understand the unique challenges and risks of farming in this region. We tailor farm insurance coverage to fit the needs of your individual operation, the way that you run your business, and many other factors. We’ll visit your farm and work with you to customize a single convenient farmers insurance package to cover your dwelling and belongings, buildings, equipment, livestock, grain and more. You never miss out when you work with the experts here at Trustmark – we want to make sure that your agriculture insurance is well looked after so that all you need to be concerned about is the operation of your business and livelihood.

Types of Operations

There are a variety of different farms and agriculture operations scattered throughout Saskatchewan. It is important that you find farmers insurance coverage for the type of operation that you run and not some run-of-the-mill general policy. Trustmark is different because it gets to know your farm better than anyone in order to accurately tailor a fitting insurance plan.

  • Grain & Cash Crops
  • Dairy & Beef Farms
  • Poultry & Hog Farms
  • Horse Farms
  • Mixed Farms
  • Seed Growers
  • Processing Plants

Types of Coverage

Depending on your individual circumstances you may require to supplement your existing agriculture insurance with special endorsements in order to ensure adequate coverage. Luckily, there is a range of different endorsements you can choose from which will may to mitigate any and all exposures you face while running your business. Below is a list of the different types of coverage that may benefit you, your family, and your business operations:

  • Crop/Hail Damage
  • Home & Contents
  • Outbuildings
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Loss of Income
  • Liability

Why We Highly Recommend Farm Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers you if someone makes a claim against your farm for personal injury or property damage. We work with you to make sure you have sufficient farm liability coverage, so your farm and livelihood are protected.

What is farm liability insurance anyway? How does it help? – Well, your farm is a business, and like any business, you need liability insurance. Farm liability insurance may provide protection if any guests are harmed while visiting your property or if damage is caused to their property as a result of your farm’s processes. Farm liability insurance may protect you from a range of perils you face during operations:

  • Incidental damages caused by you or your operations;
  • Legal accountability from your personal actions (this may be available from anywhere in the world);
  • Medical payments for any injured third-party, even if you are not being held accountable
  • Liability for pesticide application;
  • Liability expenses as a result of your regular farming operations;
  • Protection for legal accountability that comes up as a result of your ownership, occupancy, or use of your farm, and
  • Protection for liability expenses as a result of damage to any rented buildings or external business structures.

Some optional farm liability insurance may be available to you depending on your circumstances. This may include protection for the following:

  • Pollution Liability: For damage as a result of pollution caused by your operations (although this coverage is likely limited, so be aware of your restrictions);
  • Liability for Farmer’s Market Events: Coverage for incidents pertaining to any farmer’s market events you might host, such as if someone has an allergic reaction, slips, or is otherwise hurt;
  • Fall Fairs/Animal Shows: For protecting your livestock if something should happen during transport to an animal show, fall fair, plowing match, or 4-H show;
  • Building construction liability: For covering farmers that function as their own contractors, do their own repairs and build their own new structures. This protection may provide coverage for doing construction on your premises as well as reimbursement for injury to any of your team, and
  • Tourism activity liability: For liability coverage if you provide agritourism activities to guests, such as sleigh rides, apple picking, and so on.

Discuss with a farm insurance broker about any of the above. If it seems overwhelming, not to worry – Trustmark’s team of experts are willing to sit down with you and discuss your farm’s needs so that you can settle with the right amount of farm liability coverage. With us, you never need to worry if your coverage is enough – we’ve got your back.

Is your current farm insurance coverage enough?

Farming is a business. That means all farm related items (buildings, contents, machinery and livestock) must be listed on your policy separately from your home and personal belongings. The big question is, does your farm insurance policy cover everything? Here’s a quick list of questions to ask yourself—talk to us if you find a gap in your coverage.

Do you have enough farm insurance coverage on your buildings?

Certain types and ages of buildings may qualify for Replacement Cost Coverage. This feature is shown on your policy next to the building description. If replacement cost coverage is not indicated, loss or damage is settled based on actual cash value after depreciation.

Do you have enough coverage on building contents?

This can include tools, spare parts, supplies and miscellaneous shop equipment. These items are not included in insurance on your outbuildings and must be covered separately.

You probably have farm insurance coverage for grain and/or livestock, but do you have coverage for chemicals, fertilizer and fodder?
Are you covered for loss of use?

his optional coverage reimburses you for rental costs when your machinery is damaged by an insured peril.

Is your farm machinery list up-to-date?

Does it reflect today’s market values? Claims to combines, swathers and other equipment are subject to a deductible for internal damage losses equal to 25% or $2,500, whichever is greater.

Do you have new farm machinery?

New farm machinery may be eligible for coverage with a (limited) waiver of depreciation for up to 5 years after its purchase. All other machinery should be insured to its actual cash value after deducting depreciation.

Do you need special farm insurance coverage?

Tack requires special coverage. So do some pieces of farm equipment, including aeration fans, bin sweeps, chemical and fuel tanks, cattle chutes and pens, and watering bowls.

Do you need Fire Fighting Coverage?

This coverage is not automatically included by some insurers on your farm policy.

Are you engaged in custom operations?

Custom operations such as spraying, combining, grain drying, etc. must be reported and special coverage arranged.

Farm Vehicle Insurance

Do you own other ATVs, snowmobiles or trailers? Farm machinery coverage does not include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles or any vehicle/trailers that need to be licensed by SGI. Additionally, your farm liability coverage may have certain limitations when it comes to covering custom operators or ATVs and watercraft. Also remember that any vehicle required to be licensed by SGI Motor Vehicles requires separate farm vehicle insurance. Farm vehicles are essential to the operations of your business since they do so much around the farm. It’s always comforting to know that you have the right farm vehicle insurance in place to cover you financially should anything disastrous happen.

Farm vehicle insurance may offer coverage to some or all of the vehicles that you use during operations in and around your business, like your heavy farm trucks, your cars, your plows, etc. Also, farm vehicle insurance may offer coverage in the event of a collision between vehicles or if a vehicle hits another object. Farm vehicle insurance also offers a restricted amount of liability insurance which can help protect you financially if your vehicles do damage to another vehicle, person, or their personal property. Trustmark helps you get the right farm insurance package so that you can protect all your assets, including your vehicles and their liability.

Hail Insurance

Given the ups and downs of global markets, not to mention unpredictable and often extreme weather, it has never been more important for Saskatchewan farmers to have strong risk management plans. Crop damage insurance is a big part of the it. Trustmark works with you to identify your risks and farm insurance coverage needs, and to provide options that will effectively protect you against major financial losses in the event of crop damage.

Trustmark as a Farmers’ Insurance Provider of Choice

When you choose to work with Trustmark, you set yourself up with a partner that will provide you with all their expertise working in the industry and give you a range of tips and tricks to help manage your agriculture insurance costs. We understand that in Saskatchewan our farms mean everything to us which is why it is so important that we find the right coverage plan that checks every box. Always ensure the best protection by getting a free quote with us.

Trust us with what matters most – insurance can’t prevent all the bad things from happening but it can offer assistance when it comes to financially protecting you, your family and your business from many devastating possibilities. Trustmark is always committed to delivering your highest expectations by means of our advice, protection plans, and assistance from our range of knowledgeable and friendly staff. Get an agriculture insurance quote today and see just how great we are.

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