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Home Insurance.

To the people of Regina, home is many things: somewhere to go back to after the day is done and a sanctuary for you and your family to place down roots. Your home is a place of cherished memories, whether that home be a lakeside cabin, a condo, a custom home, a mobile home, or even an apartment. Home insurance in Regina is an integral part of ensuring that all aspects of your home – including its physical structure, contents and more – are well guarded should anything unexpected happen. After all, your home is an investment – one that you may have sunk in many hours and thousands of dollars into. Protect your most prized asset with tenant, condo or home insurance. Regina homeowners can have security in knowing that Trustmark is looking after their property.

When you work with Trustmark and entrust us as your Regina home insurance provider you sign up to work with some of the best experts and most knowledgeable brokers in the industry. Discuss with us about your protection opportunities or request a quote for your Regina home insurance (or tenant/condo) in just a few minutes.

Your Home in Regina.

Looking for home insurance quotes in Regina is a daunting task, but you don’t have to go it alone. Enter Trustmark: we help you account for all the factors that you will need to consider when purchasing a coverage plan, such as the size of your home, the materials it has been made from, your lifestyle, additional features and modifications, and so on. Having home insurance in Regina is great for having peace of mind and if anything unexpected should happen you won’t be left on the hook having to foot the bill alone.

Regina home insurance can also offer liability protection for residents in Saskatchewan in the event that a guest is injured on your property. Moreover, liability coverage can provide aid beyond your home’s physical structure to safeguard both you and your family within the community that you live. If you were to incidentally cause injury to someone while cycling, mowing your lawn, or even playing a sport, your insurance may provide coverage. Also, your Regina home insurance may be able to provide protection if you caused injury to someone while lodged at a hotel or other temporary residence. Home insurance brokers in Regina typically recommend that homeowners purchase a certain minimum of liability coverage in order to guarantee that there is adequate protection in place for all possible exposures. Like with anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Trustmark provides home insurance quotes so Regina residents can assess just how cost-effective our coverage plans are.

Regina Home Insurance Rates: Is it expensive?

The cost of your homeowners’ insurance in Regina does not have to be overly expensive. You want good, quality protection that checks every box – while also being affordable. The price of your Regina home insurance is dependent on a number of factors. Our home insurance brokers in Regina can help discuss with you what the cost of your insurance is affected by and what steps you can take to manage your rates without sacrificing any necessary protection. Trustmark’s professionals are experienced, friendly, and willing to work with you one-on-one so that you understand everything that affects your insurance rates.

What affects the cost of home insurance in Regina?

What determines the overall cost of your rates in Regina? Home insurance premiums are calculated by several factors. Below is a list of a few of the things that may impact the cost of your Regina home insurance premiums:

  • Deductibles: The price of your Regina home insurance is affected directly by the amount of deductible you choose. A higher deductible will mean that you need to pay less come renewal time but you will be required to pay out more in the event of a claim and your provider less. Moreover, certain disasters may be subject to a separate deductible. Try to select a deductible that is reasonable and won’t leave you stranded if you need to make a claim.
  • Location: Where you live is a huge factor in the cost of your insurance. Consider whether the area you are in is often the victim of high crime rates, suffers a large frequency of natural disasters, is near to an open body of water – etc. Also, how close you are to a fire hydrant or fire station will also impact your rates since this is directly correlated with how likely you are to receive help in time should a fire break out or other disasters.
  • Replacement Cost: This cost is not the same as the market value of your home. Replacement cost is actually how much it would take to rebuild your home as it stands today, including variables like building materials, modifications you have made, the square footage of your home, and so on.
  • Claims history: You may have moved to a new home but your claims history will always stay the same. Providers may increase your rates if you have made several claims in the past. Typically your first claim will be passed over depending on the nature and severity, but you may see increases in your rates per claim following.
  • Claims history: Even if you have moved to a new home, any claims you might have filed from your previous place of residence will still play a part in how much you must pay for your home insurance premiums. Most home insurance providers will waive the first claim that you make but may raise your home insurance cost per claim afterwards. Also, it matters what type of claim you might be submitting, whether that is from water damage, theft, liability, etc. If there is only small damage done to your home that is relatively manageable, attempt to fix it yourself rather than making a claim and risking upping your home insurance cost.
  • Additional features: Any additional modifications that you have made to your home which are considered luxurious or high risk will impact your Regina home insurance rates. These features may include such items as hot tubs, pools, wood-burning stoves, private sheds, and more. Not only are these features more costly to repair or replace but they also add to your liability risk. Consider increasing your liability coverage to cover yourself in the event that a guest or third-party is injured due to any of these additional features. You may also benefit from acquiring a separate umbrella policy.

What is the average cost of home insurance in Regina?

Home insurance in Regina offers peace of mind against any risks you may be exposed to in your everyday life. Here are some of the benefits of having the right home insurance in Regina:

  • Peace of mind. Not having home insurance is a gamble: you never know what might happen. With the right home insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are adequately protected.
  • Protection for your home’s property.
  • Protection for your home’s contents.
  • Protection for seasonal properties.
  • Protection against potential lawsuit expenses.

Ask your broker about even more of the various benefits of having home insurance in Regina. Trustmark’s home insurance brokers in Regina are experts in the industry and willing to help.

Seasonal Properties

In Saskatchewan, your family’s ritual of “going to the lake” wouldn’t be the same without its seasonal home. You might have a family cabin that has been around for quite a while or goes back several generations – or you’ve even just recently acquired a seasonal home to start making memories in. Whatever the case, your seasonal home is a cherished possession to you and your family. You want to ensure it is well protected. Discuss with the experts here at Trustmark about supplementing your existing Regina home insurance policy or inquire about purchasing a stand-alone policy.

Did you know?

Rural Residents: If you live in a rural area and a fire department or other emergency services is needed to respond to a crisis at your home you could be charged up to $10,000. In order to cover yourself against these charges, you may need to purchase special Fire Fighting Coverage to supplement your existing Regina home insurance which can help offset these potential charges.

Water Damage: As a common cause of loss, water damage can result from any means of incident: flooding, sewer backup, ground water seepage, and so on. Your existing policy will likely list several coverage limits pertaining to water damage on its cover. Chat with us at Trustmark about increasing your coverage for this particular exposure.

Special Circumstances: Special circumstances or features added to your home may risk invalidating or voiding your Regina home insurance if they are not outlined specifically within your policy. Sit down and chat with a representative from Trustmark to review your coverage and make sure that you are in good standings if you have made a recent addition or change. Consider these as examples of special circumstances:

  • You run an in-home daycare or small business
  • You have started renting out rooms in your home
  • You have made modifications recently, such as new outdoor features – a hot tub, a garage, studio or a shed
  • Your home is no longer your primary residence
  • You frequently leave your home unoccupied for four days or more at a time
  • You have added a wood stove or fireplace insert

If any of the above applies to you then you may need to chat with your broker about acquiring a special endorsement. Our experts are willing to work personally with you in order to find you coverage that works so that your Regina home insurance checks every box when it comes to your family’s needs. Your protection is crucial to us here at Trustmark.

Special Coverage

Generally, your average Regina home insurance policy will include a range of inclusions and restrictions which require additional coverage in order to protect higher value items such as furs, bikes, fine art, boats, tools, and on. Sit down and discuss with our home insurance brokers in Regina about what your personal policy may cover and whether or not you may benefit from acquiring a special endorsement for some of your more luxurious household items.

If my home is a condo or an apartment do I need home insurance in Regina?

Short answer: yes. Regina home insurance is necessary for any building you call home, whether that’s a small flat or a mansion. Home insurance doesn’t only protect your building’s physical structure. For those who live in apartments, your landlord may already have their own insurance – but this won’t cover your belongings if something happens. Address all possible exposures with home insurance. Regina homeowners can have peace of mind knowing Trustmark has something for them.


The condo corporation or owner of your condo building may already have coverage for the common areas, building structure and physical property of your condo but all your personal possessions as well as any additions or updates you have made to your unit will not be included in this plan. Look after your investments by acquiring a condo unit owner’s policy which can offer contents and liability insurance:

Your condo insurance may include the following:

  • Contingency Coverage for if you need additional protection for your personal unit should your condo corporation’s coverage not be enough.
  • Loss Assessment Coverage for protection if your condo corporation’s insurance falls short in covering you for losses


If you live in an apartment your apartment house owner or landlord will likely already have an insurance plan tailored to protecting the physical building and their personal possessions, but not yours. What if something happened that caused you to lose everything that you owned? We can be prepared as we like but incidents happen – i.e, fires, theft, etc. In these instances, tenant insurance can come in handy and provide coverage for liability as well as your possessions. Discuss with a broker today about how tenant insurance can help you.

Who needs home insurance in Regina?

Home insurance in Regina is not a legal obligation. However, it can cover you and your home from damages, damages to your personal property, theft, legal expenses, and costs that arise from accidental damage you incur to another’s property.

Even if the home you own is an apartment or a condo, home insurance can help protect your belongings. In some cases, if you are renting the place you call home, the owner of the building may require you to carry some base amount of protection.

Coverage for Your Possessions (Contents Insurance)

Chances are that your existing Regina home insurance policy includes coverage for various important possessions and contents within your home. How much would it cost if you had to do repairs or replace everything that you owned cumulatively?

What belongings does my Regina home insurance cover?

Below we have compiled a list of all the items that may have coverage under the terms of your home insurance. Regina homeowners should discuss with their providers about what their policy entails:

  • Antiques & heirlooms
  • Bikes
  • Birds, fish & animals
  • Boats
  • Collections (coins, stamps, comics, trading cards, etc.)
  • Fine art
  • Furs
  • Home-based business equipment
  • Jewellery & watches
  • Snowblowers, lawnmowers, garden tractors Contractor Tools
  • Contractor Tools
  • Belongings of unmarried student at student’s home
  • Belongings of relatives at approved care home
  • Belongings stored more than 30 days away from home (e.g. golf carts, sports equipment)
  • Contents left in RV
  • NEW – Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Savings Opportunities

You may be eligible for certain discounts depending on your circumstances. Did you know that Trustmark offers a range of different saving opportunities that can help you cut costs on your condo, contents, tenant or home insurance? Regina homeowners can sit down and discuss with our expert home insurance brokers in Regina about what is available to them.

What discounts can I get for my Regina home insurance?

Here is a list of just some of the discounts you could be eligible for. Ask your broker for more information; your individual circumstances may open up a range of different opportunities!

  • Electronic water shut-off,
  • Age/loyalty,
  • Credit check,
  • New home,
  • Claims free,
  • and deductible discount.

Trustmark tailors its coverage to protect you and your family’s lifestyle. When you select a policy we ensure that you know precisely what is covered, what opportunities are available to you, and what discounts you might be eligible to receive. You can never go wrong when you trust in us as your home insurance brokers – Regina residents always have peace of mind in knowing that their home and its assets are in good hands with Trustmark.

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