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Whether you’re going for groceries, chaffeuring your kids to events and activities, meeting up with friends or family, heading off on a roadtrip… you depend on your vehicle. In Saskatchewan, your licence plates provide the minimum coverage required by law, including damage to your vehicle with a basic $700 deductible and $200,000 third party liability.

We highly recommend a package policy—not only to lower your deductible, but more importantly to increase your liability coverage.


The standard plate liability coverage is not enough to cover you if one or more people earning more then $85,000 a year is critically injured in an accident, or if you’re in a collision with high-value vehicles and cargo, or if you’re in an accident outside Saskatchewan. We recommend a minimum of at least $2,000,000 in third party liability coverage.

A package policy also protects you and your family if you’re injured by an uninsured motorist, or by a motorist who only has the minimum mandatory coverage. In a case like this, your own policy will turn around to cover you for damages you cannot collect from the person at fault. This is a major benefit that will protect you even if you’re a pedestrian or cyclist, and when traveling outside the province.


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