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Farm Insurance in Regina.

We know that in Regina the farmers are a breed apart from the rest. The province of Saskatchewan is populated by farms which are roughly twice the acreage of the national average – and that’s no small accomplishment. But what exactly does that entail? It can mean that investment in farm equipment and inputs are much higher than normal, but the risks are too. Due to this, there is an ever increasing need for farm insurance in Regina to help defend your business as well as its assets from any potential perils that it may be exposed to during your day-to-day procedures. Trustmark’s farm insurance brokers in Regina are some of the best in the business when it comes to providing aid to farmers in Regina and the surrounding areas. We help you protect what is most important to you – and have been doing so for over 35 years. It is within our knowledge that the professionals in the agriculture industry are very different from one another so we always cater our customizable plans to suit your personalized needs. Farming is a difficult enough line of work without you needing to worry about the insurance as well.

Trustmark believes that the farmers in Regina face a number of unique challenges and exposures within the agriculture industry. We design our Regina farm insurance accordingly so that the requirements of your business are met with ease. We account for all the ways that you operate your business, any liability risks you face, what kind of machinery and equipment you use, and more. Moreover, we can even visit your farm in person so as to acquire a better grasp on how you function and do things on the regular in order to delegate a personalized Regina farm insurance package that protects everything you need it to. Trust in Trustmark – we’ve got your back. Now all you need to worry about is the day-to-day operations of your farm.

Types of Operations

Within Regina and its surrounding areas there is numerous different agriculture businesses and farm operations. If you are hunting around for the right fit for farm insurance coverage in Regina that is tailored to the type of business you want to operate, you should work with an individual you trust that knows your farm better than anyone. Trustmark is always one step ahead since it gets to understand your commercial operation better than anyone – and we never settle for “just good enough.”

Our Regina farm insurance brokers do what they do best to help you look after yours. We help insure the following types of operations:

  • Grain & Cash Crops
  • Dairy & Beef Farms
  • Poultry & Hog Farms
  • Horse Farms
  • Mixed Farms
  • Seed Growers
  • Processing Plants

Liability Insurance for Your Regina Farm Insurance

You never know what might happen during your day-to-day business procedures – you could be held accountable for someone else’s injury or property damage for any number of reasons at any point. What would happen if someone made a claim against your farm? For these special instances, liability insurance may be able to help. Trustmark makes sure that you have an adequate amount of farm insurance coverage in Regina to protect your livelihood – your farm.

What does it mean when you have liability insurance? What does your liability insurance do to protect your farm? Insurance in Regina – whether that’s personal or commercial – usually contains some amount of liability insurance to protect you against possible lawsuits. After all, your farm is a business – and just like any business, it needs liability coverage. Your farm insurance in Yorkton may provide protection should any third-party be injured while attending your farm or if you are held responsible for damages done to their property or possessions. There are many different risks that your farm insurance in Regina can protect you from:

  • If you are held responsible for your personal actions that have resulted in damages (you may be eligible for this protection anywhere in the world);
  • Accidental injuries or damages as a result of your business operations;
  • Coverage if you are held liable for damages to any outstanding business structures or rented property/equipment;
  • Coverage if you are held liable for injuries or damages due to the usage of your farm, your occupancy, or even your ownership;
  • Medical expenses for injured third-party; and
  • Liability for pesticide application.

Depending on your special circumstances you may be eligible for certain supplement farm insurance coverage in Regina. Our farm insurance brokers in Regina are happy to discuss the following endorsements with you:

  • Pollution liability insurance: This may defend your business operations from financial losses due to lawsuits thanks to pollution that your proceedings could have caused (this coverage likely includes certain restrictions);
  • Tourism activity liability: Protection if your farm provides agritourism events to third-party, such as apple picking, sleigh rides, and more;
  • Fall fairs and animal show insurance: This provides coverage for your livestock if something happens to them during transportation to any number of events, including fall fairs, plowing matches, 4-H shows and animal shows;
  • Farmer’s market events: This may offer you protection if you host any shows or farmer’s market events. This can offer liability protection should an attendee have an allergic reaction or is otherwise hurt at your event.

Chat with our farm insurance brokers in Regina from Trustmark if you are unsure about any of the above or if you are not sure what you need to protect your farm. Our experts are some of the best in the business and can help you get exactly what you need when it comes to farm insurance coverage in Regina for a price that works. With us, you will never be left wondering if your policy covers everything you need it to.

Types of Farm Insurance Coverage in Regina.

Your farm is a business that has certain requirements based on how it goes about its day-to-day operations. You might be in a situation where you are required to supplement your existing Regina farm insurance policy to guarantee that your coverage is up to par. Thankfully, we have experts here at Trustmark who are willing to offer you a range of endorsements you can choose from which may protect you from any possible exposures left in your plan. Below is a list of all the different types of coverage that can help both you and your business operations.

  • Crop/Hail Damage
  • Home & Contents
  • Outbuildings
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Loss of Income
  • Liability

You can get started on your coverage quicker than ever by applying for our farm insurance quotes in Regina with Trustmark today. We offer our insurance industry expertise to you and our friendly (and professional!) crop insurance brokers want Regina farmers to have it all when it comes to great protection.

How good is your existing farm insurance coverage in Regina?

Like any other operation that manufactures and sells a product, farming is a business. All possessions or items relevant to your farm (such as its equipment, livestock, machinery, belongings, buildings and contents) should be listed on your policy separate from your belongings and home. Here’s an important question: how does your existing farm insurance coverage in Regina stand up to your needs?

Do you need Fire Fighting farm insurance coverage?

Yorkton insurance plans generally do not include this special protection.

Do you require coverage for any special processes – such as grain drying, spraying, combining and more?

If so, then these tasks must be clearly indicated so that your protection can be arranged promptly.

Do you know whether you have protection for your fodder, chemicals and fertilizer?

Chances are that you have protection for your grain and/or livestock, but there are exceptions. Discuss with a broker today.

Your crop insurance in Regina is just as important as any other coverage if your harvest is your main source of revenue. You will want to guarantee that your coverage accurately reflects all you own.

Do you have enough protection for your building’s contents?

You need to take into account all your supplies, spare parts, tools, and miscellaneous shop equipment on your Regina farm insurance policy. It’s likely that these special items will not be included in your current policy and your external structures will be separately covered.

Are all the items and equipment that you use for your business up to date?

Any claims you make for sweathers, combines, and other valuable equipment may be subject to a detached deductible for damages equal to 25% or up to $2,500 – whichever number is higher.

Do you have protection for loss of use?

This protection may be extended as an option to you and can offer a limited amount of reimbursement for any rental expenses if you rented farm machinery is damaged as a result of an insured peril.

Do you know if your buildings are sufficiently insured?

Some buildings, depending on their age and usage, may qualify for Replacement Cost Coverage. This may be indicated on your insurance policy next to the building description. If it is not present, your losses may be settled based on the actual cash value minus depreciation.

Does your farm have any new machinery or equipment that it uses?

These items may qualify for protection with a limited waiver of depreciation for up to 5 years after their purchase. Your leftover tools and equipment should have coverage for their actual cash value.

Additional Farm Insurance in Regina: Hail

Difficult weather can be unpredictable – and sometimes even dangerous. The nature of the global market is often erratic and farmers in Regina may need more potent risk management strategies in order to defend themselves and their operations. It is important to have hail insurance in Regina to ascertain a secure financial safety net from this particular but detrimental threat. Trustmark operates with you personally in order to gauge what your exposures are and determine whether or not the needs of your farm in Regina are aptly met. Our hail insurance brokers in Regina work for you to protect you and your farm from the elements.

Additional Farm Insurance in Regina: Crop

Having crop insurance in Regina is invaluable when it comes to protecting what could possibly be your main source of revenue: your harvest. Crops are fragile when it comes to the wrath of nature, including events such as flood, hail, heavy rainfall, and more. If you suffer from a decrease of value in the agriculture product you produce, your Regina crop insurance may cover you from that as well. Trustmark offers free crop insurance quotes for Regina farmers that require no obligation from you. We know how much our farms matter here in Regina and we want to make sure yours is well looked after.

Additional Farm Insurance in Regina: Vehicle

Do you employ the usage of snowmobiles, trailers or ATVs during business operations at your farm? If yes, then you should know that farm machinery coverage will not include all-terrain vehicles such as the ones mentioned previously – or anything that needs licensing by SGI Motor Vehicles. It is also important to note that your farm insurance coverage in Regina may have certain restrictions for your special business operations, watercrafts, or ATVs. In this case, you may be required to purchase separate vehicle insurance for these SGI Motor Vehicles. Note how important your vehicles are to your farm’s day-to-day operations. It is within your best interest that you are comfortable with the existing protection that you have so that you can be sure your farm is in a good place to go forward with its usual procedures.

Purchasing vehicle insurance in with your existing Regina farm insurance could offer some protection to all or some of your vehicles that you employ on the regular for farm business like your heavy farm trucks, cars and plows. This protection may offer coverage should your vehicles collide with another object, vehicle, or do damage to a visitor/third-party or anything that they own. Trustmark makes sure that you acquire the right Regina farm insurance package so that all your needs are met.

Trustmark as a Regina Farm Insurance Provider of Choice

The experts here at Trustmark are some of the best farm insurance brokers in Regina and the surrounding area and can absolutely help ensure that you get the best protection possible. As knowledgeable members of the insurance industry, our team can help provide you with a range of handy tips and tricks to curb your Regina farm insurance costs. As active members of the community, we know best about how much our farms mean to us – as both our businesses and our livelihoods. This is why it is so important that you get the right amount of coverage and a plan that works for you. Trustmark can provide you with competitive farm insurance quotes in Regina so that you can browse through and find something you like.

We’ve got your back. Insurance may not be able to stop a disaster but it has the capacity to provide us with a significant financial safety net for when the bad things do happen. Our brokerage is committed to delivering your highest expectations by means of our customizable protection plans, assistance and advice.

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