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Farm Insurance in Weyburn.

Owning a farm in Weyburn is a huge deal. Saskatchewan agriculture operations are twice the size of the national average, which is no small accomplishment. However, that can mean there is an increase in the amount of exposures that business owners may face on the day-to-day. As a result, there is a need for farm insurance in Weyburn to defend farm owners’ operations and livelihoods from exposures such as liability risks, vandalism, natural weather, equipment breakdown, and more. The brokers at Trustmark know farms better than anyone and with 35 years of experience in the bank we are confident that we can help get you what you need.

There are a unique set of challenges facing farmers in Weyburn. Trustmark tailors its insurance programs accordingly to suit the individual needs of every farmer’s operations so that nothing is left out. No two insurance programs are the same and that is because no two farms are the same! Let us work with you to get you what you need when it comes to insurance. With Trustmark you can always have peace of mind in knowing that we are looking after your every need.

Types of Operations

There are a wide range of different farm types and each one of those types needs an insurance policy that reflects what they do. If you are looking around for the right fit for your farm insurance coverage in Weyburn, look to Trustmark to get you what you need. Trustmark is and always has been one step ahead as it understands your commercial operations better than anyone else.

Our professional farm insurance brokers in Weyburn want to help you look after your farm like it was their own. We help insurance these following operations:

  • Grain & Cash Crops
  • Dairy & Beef Farms
  • Poultry & Hog Farms
  • Horse Farms
  • Mixed Farms
  • Seed Growers
  • Processing Plants

Liability Insurance for Your Weyburn Farm Insurance

Anything could happen on your day-to-day, and while Trustmark can’t stop the bad things from happening we can be there for you if they do. Just think: you could be held liable for damages to someone else’s property or bodily injury, or someone could make a claim against your farm for any number of reasons. In these sort of special instances, liability insurance can help. Trustmark helps to guarantee that you have enough farm insurance to protect your farm.

Liability insurance can help cover you in a number of different instances. Insurance in Weyburn, whether that’s commercial or personal, usually contains some amount of liability insurance to protect you or your operations from potential lawsuits. Farming is a business, which means that just like any business it requires the right kind of insurance. There are many different things that farm insurance in Weyburn can protect you from:

  • Pesticide application liability;
  • Coverage for if you are held responsible for damages or injuries due to your farm operations, your ownership, or even your occupancy;
  • Medical expenses for injured third-party;
  • Accidental damages or injuries due to the nature of your operations;
  • Coverage for if you are held liable for damage to outstanding business structures or rented equipment/property; and
  • If you are held responsible for your actions that have caused damages to someone else’s property or possessions.

You might have special circumstances which require you to obtain supplementary farm insurance coverage. This could include a number of the following endorsements, which you can discuss with our farm insurance brokers in Weyburn:

  • Pollution liability; This coverage can help protect your business from financial losses due to lawsuits as a result of pollution that your operations may have caused;
  • Fall fairs and animal show insurance: If you are transporting your livestock to any number of events, including fall fairs, plowing matches, 4-H shows and animal shows and something happens, this coverage may offer protection;
  • Tourism activity liability: This coverage may offer protection if your farm should provide agritourism events to third-party, such as sleigh rides or apple picking; and
  • Farmer’s market events: If anything should happen to an attendee, such as an allergic reaction or an injury, while at your event or farm for a show or festival.

Discuss with one of our farm insurance experts at Trustmark today if you think you may need specialty insurance or are not sure about the items that are listed here. We believe that our farm insurance brokers in Weyburn are some of the best in the industry and can help you easily get what you need at a price that works.

Types of Farm Insurance Coverage in Weyburn

Every farm has its own requirements based on how it runs, what it uses, and what it sells. There are times when you might need to look into purchasing supplementary coverage in order to ensure there are no gaps left in your policy. Lucky for you there are many experts here at Trustmark who are ready and willing to offer you a choice from a selection of products that can mend the gaps in your insurance. Below is a just a few of the different items that Trustmark offers coverage for:

  • Crop/Hail Damage
  • Home & Contents
  • Outbuildings
  • Equipment
  • Livestock
  • Produce
  • Loss of Income
  • Liability

You can get started (for free) by applying for Trustmark’s no obligation farm insurance quotes in Weyburn today. With our experience, knowhow and professionalism, we know you will have peace of mind working with us. Our crop insurance brokers help Weyburn farmers look after their most prized investments.

How good is your existing farm insurance coverage in Weyburn?

Before you jump headfirst into buying the cheapest policy, ask yourself a couple of questions first. Your farm is a business, just like any other commercial operation, and needs protection. Are all the possessions and items relevant to your farm listed on your policy? Do you have any specialty operations that need additional coverage? How well does your coverage stand up to your needs?

Have you recently purchased new machinery or equipment? If so, you may be able to acquire protection with a limited waiver of depreciation that will be valid up to five years after purchase.

Are all your buildings insured? Many buildings may qualify for Replacement Cost Coverage, depending on usage and age. This may be declared on your policy with the building description. If this is not indicated, losses can be settled based on actual cash value minus depreciation.

Do you have coverage for loss of use? You may have this option that can provide a limited amount of reimbursement for rental expenses if your borrowed equipment is damaged.

Are all your tools and equipment up to date? Claims that you make for combines, sweathers, and other valuable equipment could be subject to detached deductibles.

Is there enough insurance for your building’s contents? You might need to also consider spare parts, tools, supplies, and miscellaneous shop equipment. These may not be included in your current policy and your outbuildings are generally not included.

Have you checked if you have protection for your chemicals, fodder, and fertilizer? You probably have insurance for your livestock and grain, but there are exceptions.

Do you require Fire Fighting farm insurance coverage? Most plans will not include this essential protection.

Do you have special processes which require added insurance? If so, you should ensure your tasks are clearly indicated so that protection can be arranged.

Additional Farm Insurance in Weyburn: Hail

Unpredictable weather can be one of the biggest threats facing your operations. Farmers in Weyburn are needing to integrate more potent risk management strategies in order to mitigate this prominent threat. One of the ways to ensure your farm is in good standings by purchasing hail insurance in Weyburn to offer you protection against hail damage. Trustmark can help! Talk with one of our hail insurance brokers in Weyburn about how this product can help you and your farm.

Additional Farm Insurance in Weyburn: Crop

Your crops are vital to your operations, and might just be your farm’s main source of revenue. Crop insurance in Weyburn can help you protect your harvest from drought, flood, hail, heavy rainfall, and more. Your Weyburn crop insurance may even offer protection against loss of revenue due to the decrease in value of your produce. For free crop insurance quotes in Weyburn, apply today with Trustmark. Your farm means everything to you, which is why we want to ensure it is protected.

Additional Farm Insurance in Weyburn: Vehicle

If you use any SGI-licensed motor vehicles during business operations at your farm, know that your farm machinery coverage may not include these under your insurance. Certain vehicles like watercrafts, snowmobiles and ATVs may have certain restrictions on your insurance and you may need to purchase a separate vehicle insurance policy for these items. Vehicle insurance can offer some protection to some or all of the vehicles you use during business hours, like heavy farm trucks, plows and cars. Trustmark can help get you what you need.

Trustmark as a Weyburn Farm Insurance Provider of Choice

Look to Trustmark: we’re some of the best farm insurance brokers in Weyburn and the surrounding area and are eager to help you get what you need. You want the best protection possible and we deliver. Our team comprise of some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry so you can always ensure that we can get you what you need when you want quality farm insurance in Weyburn. We’re members of the community and understand why your farm is so important to you!

Trust in Trustmark to have your back. Insurance can’t stop the bad things, but it can help you for when they do. Look to us for a brokerage that is committed to delivering the highest expectations through customizable protection plans, advice, and personal assistance.

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