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Finding Free Insurance Quotes in Regina

You don’t go about your everyday life without risks. Do you work from home? Own your own business or farm? Do you have recreational vehicles you like to take out for a spin every now and again? Want to host an event? Insurance can help maintain your peace of mind and offer a backup plan if something went wrong. Insurance in Regina helps to protect your buildings’ physical structure, your belongings, liability, and much, much more.

Your Regina Insurance Coverage

Here at Trustmark, your needs come first to us. We want to guarantee that all your belongings, businesses, and more are looked after properly and secured should something disastrous happen. Trustmark offers free insurance quotes so Regina residents can have a way to get going on their coverage for a time that works for them.

Trustmark’s Regina Insurance Products


Your home is important to you – it might just be your most prized asset. What if something happened, such as a break-in, a lawsuit, a falling tree? The out-of-pocket costs could be astronomical. You can prevent yourself from having to solo the bills alone by having the right home coverage and guarantee your family (and future) is secure. This product by Trustmark offers:

  • Protection for the physical structure of your home
  • Protection for your seasonal properties
  • Protection against any lawsuit expenses
  • Protection for the contents of your home
  • Peace of mind.

Our insurance brokers in Regina can help you to discover what works best for you and your family.


Businesses in Saskatchewan are the lifeblood of our economy, and business insurance in Regina can help you guarantee your business can keep its doors open for years and years to come. What would you do if someone were to slip and fall while visiting your business and sued you? Or, what if a tree fell on your business property and forced you to close your doors for several months in order to do repairs? Insurance is a must so that businesses of all size can reopen following an unexpected loss. Thankfully, Trustmark offers free business insurance quotes in Regina so owners of businesses can get going on their coverage right away.

Trustmark has business insurance brokers in Regina that are ready and willing to help you find what you need.


Farmers in Regina are different kinds of hard workers. They want to look after what matters most – obviously. Trustmark can help! We help you navigate the twists and turns that farming challenges can bring and design an insurance package according to the needs of your agriculture operation. We get to know your farm personally like it was our own so that we can be sure that the policy you purchase is the one that you need. This product can provide you and your farm with:

  • Protection for your grain and crops
  • Protection for your livestock
  • Protection for your equipment and machinery
  • Protection for any lawsuit expenses
  • Peace of mind.

Like always, our experts are ready and willing to sit down and discuss with you what options are available to you.


Are you looking to host an event in the next little while? Perhaps a holiday, a party, a festival? If so, you probably already know that hosting an event poses a number of different risks to the attending patrons and the venue where you are hosting. Event insurance in Regina can protect your liability in the event of an unexpected accident, including coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and a tenant’s legal liability. You can also include host liquor liability if your event is serving alcohol.

We are as excited about your upcoming event as you ae. Discuss with our event insurance brokers in Regina to make sure you have checked every box and have the protection you require.


Owning a recreational vehicle can be a blast. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually cheap, so you will want to ensure these items are properly protected. Trustmark’s RV insurance brokers in Regina can help to look after your campervans, RVs, and more. We provide campervan insurance quotes so Regina recreational vehicle owners can have the security of knowing they are protected while on vacation.

Trailer insurance in Regina might just seem like another thing to think about, but it can be a very small cost next to what it could possibly take to fully replace your trailer if something unfortunate happened.

Moreover, Trustmark offers snowmobile insurance quotes to Regina hobbyists who are excited to get out in the fresh snow. Your snowmobile or ATV is a part of your lifestyle, and you want dependable insurance coverage. Not to worry. Our ATV insurance brokers in Regina are ready to begin working with you so you can get insured as fast and as efficiently as possible.

What determines the price of my insurance in Regina?

Your circumstances are your circumstances, meaning that you won’t be paying the same amount as anyone else due to the individual requirements you have. Your business, home or farm might look similar to someone else’s, but that does not mean that you do the same things everyday or same work. Here is a list of some of the variables that impact the cost of your Regina insurance premiums:

Past claims: Your history of claims made may impact your insurance rates today. Even if you have moved homes, your claims from where you lived previously will still factor in. Many insurance providers will waive your first claim depending on severity and cost but will increase your rates per claim afterwards.

Location: Where you live, where your business is situated, or where your recreational vehicles are stored will impact your rates. What is the weather like there? Are there high crime rates? Are you near a large body of water or a fire station/hydrant? These are all questions your insurance providers will want to know to tailor your rates accordingly.

Deductible: The higher your deductible, the lower your insurance costs – and vice versa. You can save on your premiums by raising your deductible but if something happens you will have to pay that amount before your insurance provider can swoop in to pay the rest. Ensure that the amount you choose is reasonable.

Additional features: Any luxury modifications, additions

Replacement Cost: The amount you paid for your house, business, RV, etc. is not the same amount as you will need to pay if this item were to be destroyed entirely and had to be repaired or replaced. This is the amount it would take to rebuild your assets entirely as they stand today.

Why do I need Insurance in Regina?

Insurance – depending on the type and what for – isn’t always required by law. But, life happens. Make sure you are in the best standings possible by protecting your home, farm, business, etc. with the right insurance coverage. Trustmark covers all the variables so you have the best coverage possible.

Insurance in Regina can protect your liability. You can be as safe as possible on the job, but things do happen! Ensure you are in a good place if someone was to sue you for injuries or property damage you cause while mowing your lawn, running your business, operating your recreational vehicle, etc. by having liability insurance that reflects your individual circumstances


There are a variety of discounts available to you so that you can save on your insurance in Regina. You can save on your farm, home, business, RV insurance, and more! Discuss with our insurance brokers in Regina about ways to save so you can manage your overall costs without sacrificing any necessary protection.

How can I save on my insurance in Regina?

Insurance may seem like “just another cost” to add to the list, but it is essential for protecting your belongings and ensuring that there is a backup plan if something was to happen. Discuss with our insurance brokers in Regina about any of the following:

  • Age/loyalty
  • Claims free
  • Credit check
  • Deductible
  • Electronic water shut-off
  • Monitored security alarm systems
  • New home

The Regina insurance products that we offer at Trustmark are catered to fit your individual needs, whether you are looking to protect your home, farm, business, and so on. We want you to get what you need. When you select a policy, we make sure that you are aware of exactly what your coverage includes, what your options are, and any and all discounts you qualify for. Put your trust in our professional insurance brokers in Regina and opt for peace of mind today.

How Trustmark Compares to Other Insurance Companies in Regina

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We are locally owned and operated – a family business serving Regina for 40+ years

Our team is comprised of experts with experience that have over 120 years combined in the industry

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients and always go that extra mile

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