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Home is where you live, the place you raise your family and put down roots. Whether it’s an apartment or a condo, a mobile home, a custom home or a lakeside cabin, your home and the many things it holds are an important investment. Protect your investment with home, condo or tenant insurance.

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Home insurance is not one-size-fits-all. It’s based on the size, age and location of your home, as well as its unique features (additions, outbuildings, deck etc.) and materials (quartz countertops, tile floors, etc.). Home insurance protects you against financial loss if your home or belongings are damaged or destroyed.

​Home insurance also provides liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property. And did you know that liability insurance extends beyond your home, covering you and your family in the community? It provides liability in case you accidentally injure someone walking, cycling,playing sports or just mowing the lawn. It will also cover you in case you accidentally cause damage to a motel or other property.


Seasonal Properties

For many Saskatchewan families, “going to the lake” is a tradition that goes back 2 or 3 generations. Whether it’s brand new or been around for years, the family cabin is a valuable asset. Talk to us about protecting your family get-away, by adding coverage to your home policy or through a separate, stand-alone policy.


Did you know?

  • Rural Residents: If you live in a rural area and a fire department responds to a fire at your home, you could be charged $10,000 or more. You need specific Fire Fighting Coverage on your home to insure you for these charges.

  • Water Damage: Water damage is a major cause of loss. Most home insurance offers limited coverage for damage caused by surface water, flood, ground water seepage due to surface water/flood and sewer backup. These coverage limits are noted on the cover page of your policy—talk to us for information on increasing your coverage. Did you know? Water damage coverage limits are different for seasonal properties.

  • Special Situations: Certain features or situations can invalidate or void insurance on your home if they’re not specifically addressed in your policy. Call us to review your policy and make sure you’re not caught out because of a recent addition, or change. For example:

    • Have you added a wood stove or fireplace insert?

    • Have you recently started taking longer vacations that leave your home unoccupied for more than 4 days during the “heating season” (that’s winter to you and I).

    • Have you decided to rent rooms (e.g. Airnb) or take in boarders?

    • Do you have an in-home daycare?

    • Is the home no longer your primary residence?

    • Have you inherited any antiques or heirlooms that require additional coverage?

    • Have you added new outdoor features – a new garage, shed, outdoor studio, pizza oven, pool, hot tub?


The landlord of your rental house or apartment insures their building and their belongings—not yours. If your bike is stolen or your belongings are damaged by vandalism or fire, for example, you’re not covered. Tenant insurance protects you and your belongings. It also provides liability insurance in case you’re held legally responsible for damage to your rental house or apartment.


As a condominium owner, you have special insurance needs. Your condo corporation is required to maintain an insurance policy to cover the property, common areas and building structure—but that policy doesn’t cover your belongings, your personal liability or any improvements you make to your  unit. A Condo Unit Owner’s policy provides property and liability coverage.
It also includes:

  • Contingency Coverage to insure your unit in the event your condo corporation’s insurance is insufficient.

  • Loss Assessment Coverage to insure you in case your condo corporation’s insurance is insufficient to cover the loss for extensive damage to a common area of the building or grounds. In such cases, each condo unit owner may be held responsible for a portion of the cost to repair the damage. This coverage pays your share (up to a stated limit) for a major property or liability loss on common property that exceeds the condo corporation’s policy limits.


Different condo corporations can have different bylaws. Talk to us to review your condo bylaws. We’ll make sure you have the right coverage to protect your investment, your belongings … and your peace of mind.


All home insurance policies contain restrictions or exclusions that require special coverage for more expensive belongings, such as jewellery, fine art, furs, boats, bikes, tools and so on. Make sure you know what your policy covers—and talk to us about adding special coverage for prized possessions.


Coverage for Your Prized Possessions 

  • Antiques & heirlooms

  • Bikes

  • Birds, fish & animals

  • Boats

  • Collections (coins, stamps, comics, trading cards, etc.)

  • Fine art

  • Furs

  • Home-based business equipment

  • Jewellery & watches

  • Snow blowers, lawnmowers, garden tractors
    Contractor Tools

  • Belongings of unmarried student at student’s home

  • Belongings of relatives at approved care home

  • Belongings stored more than 30 days away from home (e.g. golf carts, sports equipment)

  • Contents left in RV

  • NEW – Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Discounts can save you money on the your home or condo insurance. When you’re shopping for insurance, ask us about age/loyalty, new home, monitored alarm system, electronic water shut-off, claims free, mortgage free, credit check and deductible discounts.


At Trustmark, we tailor coverage to fit your life. Before you choose a policy, we make sure you clearly understand what’s covered, what options you have for increased coverage and what discounts might be available. Trust us to protect your home, your possessions and your peace of mind.


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