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Each day we live comes with risks. You could be a business owner, someone who works out of home, or just a lover of snowmobiles – it doesn’t matter. Accidents happen. Having a plan can come in clutch if something unfortunate happened to your business, your recreational vehicle, home, farm, and more. For residents of Moosejaw, insurance protects what matters most to you. Let Trustmark help you find what works best for you.

Your Moosejaw Insurance Coverage

Your needs are our top priority at Trustmark. We want to make sure that everything you own – as well as your businesses, property, etc. – are looked after as securely as possible in the event of a disaster or lawsuit. In order to get insured quicker, Trustmark provides free insurance quotes so Moosejaw may acquire coverage at a time that is most reasonable for them.

Trustmark’s Moosejaw Insurance Products


You put a lot into your home. You wouldn’t want something unexpected to happen to it. Think: falling trees, storms, break-ins and vandalism, lawsuits… How much would it cost to offset the damages? Spare yourself from having to pay for it all alone by having the right home coverage so that you and your family are secured. This product by Trustmark provides:

  • Protection for the physical structure of your home
  • Protection for your seasonal properties
  • Protection against any lawsuit expenses
  • Protection for the contents of your home
  • Peace of mind.

Our insurance brokers in Moosejaw are excited to start working with you to find a plan that does the job right.


Our businesses in Saskatchewan – large and small – are integral to the economy. Business insurance in Moosejaw can help secure your business so that its doors can remain open for many years to come. What if a client attending your business slipped and fell and sued you as a result? Or, what if a fire broke out on your business’ premise and you were forced to close your doors while repairs were being done? Some businesses may not be able to spring back from such losses. Insurance is a necessity so that you can ensure your operations are able to reopen. Trustmark provides free business insurance quotes in Moosejaw so that business owners may get the coverage they need.

Trustmark is thankful for its expert business insurance brokers in Moosejaw that are well-versed in all things commercial insurance.


Grain farming and growing crops is a huge part of living in Saskatchewan – and Moosejaw farmers do it best! You want to look after your agriculture operation and Trustmark wants to help you do just that. We help you navigate all the challenges that come with farming and design an insurance package tailored to your requirements. Our experts will get to know your business personally (like it was our own!) so that the policy you purchase is the one that you need. This Trustmark product offers you and your farm the following:

  • Protection for your grain and crops
  • Protection for your livestock
  • Protection for your equipment and machinery
  • Protection for any lawsuit expenses
  • Peace of mind.

For a personal touch when it comes to insurance, trust in Trustmark’s expert brokers.


Do you have an event upcoming where you are the host, such as a wedding, party, or festival? You may already know what kind of risks come with hosting an event. A patron attending could cause damage to the venue or have an allergic reaction and without event insurance in Moosejaw you may be held responsible for the consequential damages. This product may include coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and even a tenant’s legal liability. If you are serving alcohol at your event, you may also include host liquor liability.

You wouldn’t want anything to disrupt your upcoming event, and neither do we! Let us help you get what you need and discuss with our event insurance brokers in Moosejaw to ensure you have what you need.


It’s great fun to own a recreational vehicle. However, they do not often come cheap, which means you will want to take every precaution possible to ensuring they are well-protected. Trustmark has RV insurance brokers in Moosejaw that can help you to look after your RVs, campervans, and so much more. We also offer campervan insurance quotes so Moosejaw vehicle owners can have peace of mind when operating theirs.

Trailer insurance in Moosejaw isn’t just another cost – it can protect your recreational vehicle in the event that something happens so that you can keep on vacationing with your family without worry.

For snowmobile lovers, Trustmark also offers snowmobile insurance quotes so Moosejaw winter hobbyists can hit the fresh powder without worry. After all, owning a recreational vehicle should be fun – you shouldn’t constantly be worried about what might happen! Let our ATV insurance brokers in Moosejaw put your mind at ease so you can get back to enjoying life to the fullest.

What factors are used in calculating the price of my insurance in Moosejaw?

Your individual requirements determine the cost of your insurance, so you will not be paying the same as anyone else – even if their situation looks a little like yours. Your house, farm, business, etc. are your own. Here are some of the things that might affect your Moosejaw insurance premiums:

Claims history: Your past claims – even if you have moved or changed location – factor into your future premiums. Usually a first claim that is low in severity or cost will be waived by many providers but your rates will increase per claim afterwards.

Deductible: Your deductible is the amount you pay out before your insurance provider steps in to cover the rest. If your deductible is higher, your rates will be lower – and vice versa. You can save on costs by adjusting this amount, but ensure it is within reason.

Location: Where you live (or where your business is located) factors into the cost of your insurance. Are you close to a fire station? Large body of water? What about the crime rates where you live? Providers will use this to determine your overall risk and calculate your costs accordingly.

Replacement Cost: The replacement cost of your belongings, home or business is the amount it would take to fully replace your possessions as they stand today. This is not the same as the price of the item when you purchased it. Providers will factor in material cost, updates, and more.

Additional features: Any modifications, luxury additions or potential hazards (like a wood-burning stove, balcony, pool etc.) may increase your rates as they affect your chances of being held liable for injuries or property damage.

Why do I need Insurance in Moosejaw?

Insurance is a must, whether required by law or not. Life happens whether we prepare for it or not, and you will want to ensure you are always in the best place possible so that you have a plan in the event something happens to your farm, home, business, etc. The right insurance coverage can help. Trustmark covers all the factors so you can have peace of mind.

Insurance in Moosejaw also helps protect your liability in case someone was to sue you for losses as a result of your actions. Whether you were running your business, mowing your lawn, operating a recreational vehicle, or so on – having liability insurance is essential to protecting you and it should reflect your individual circumstances.


Did you know you may be eligible for discounts on your insurance in Moosejaw? Trustmark wants to ensure you never have to sacrifice essential coverage in order to make your policy more affordable. We provide options to save on your farm, home, business, RV insurance, and so much more. Give us a call today to talk with our insurance brokers in Moosejaw about potential ways to save.

How can I save on my insurance in Regina?

Insurance may seem like just another bill to pay, but it is essential for ensuring your belongings are properly protected and that you have a backup plan in case anything happens. Chat today with our insurance brokers in Moosejaw about the following savings opportunities:

  • Age/loyalty
  • Claims free
  • Credit check
  • Deductible
  • Electronic water shut-off
  • Monitored security alarm systems
  • New home

The Moosejaw insurance products that we provide are always designated to fit the individual needs of your commercial operation, home, farm, or whatever it is that you need protecting. We want to ensure you can check every box. When choosing a policy, Trustmark guarantees that you know exactly what you are covered for, what your choices are, and all the discounts you may be eligible for. Our professional insurance brokers in Moosejaw are experts in the field of insurance and are ready to help you today.

How Trustmark Compares to Other Insurance Companies in Moosejaw

24 hours claims support

We are locally owned and operated – a family business serving Regina for 40+ years

Our team is comprised of experts with experience that have over 120 years combined in the industry

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients and always go that extra mile

We Provide Peace of Mind


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