Are you winter-ready?

Are you winter-ready?

Fall in Saskatchewan means winter is dogging its heels. We all know what that means. Ice, snow, and frigid unpredictable weather just around the corner. We thought we’d share a few tips to make sure that your home is snug, cozy and safe before the cold north winds come barreling down on your home.

Eight things you don’t want to deal with in winter:

1. Broken furnace

Make sure your furnace is serviced by a professional. Haven’t moved to a programmable thermostat yet? Maybe it’s time to replace your manual heat regulator with one that saves money on heating costs.

2. Pipes bursting

Yikes! Pipes that burst are a nightmare. Turn off the water to the outside of your home and drain that garden hose. If any of your pipes are in unheated areas, you might want to cover them. Think of basements, attics and crawl spaces.

3. Loose windows and doors

Windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed let the heat out and the cold in. Make sure that they’re airtight and save on your heating bills.

4. Cracks in the wall or ceiling

Ground shifting during the summer months can cause walls and ceilings to crack. Sometimes those cracks let the warm air escape and the cold air in. Check around and if you see a crack, make sure to patch it.

5. Unruly trees

Yes, unruly trees. If trees and bushes have experienced a growth spurt during the summer, you want to trim them back away from your house and electrical wires.

6. Clogged gutters

All those leaves that blow off the trees can cause big problems. Snow can’t melt and rain can’t drain when the gutters are clogged causing leaks inside your house. What a mess! Make sure the downspouts run away from your house by a minimum of five feet so water drains away from the house and not towards it.

7. About that roof

Check for any damaged shingles. If any need replacing, call a roofer before the winds start to blow.

8. Do you have a real fireplace?

If you said “yes”, make sure the chimney and vents are clean to prevent fires and carbon monoxide from building up and creeping into your home. Call a professional.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Winterize your home to prevent damages and the need to use your home insurance policy. While you’re at it, you might want to stock up on sand, snow shovels, window scrapers, and sturdy gloves. One more thing – your car. Winter tires and an emergency roadside safety kit are a must. After all, this is Saskatchewan.

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